Ways to Heal: Energy Healing, Alternative Healing and Lifestyle choices

pierresI recently connected with a wonderful woman named Patricia who has a website called Health Advocates Worldwide.1  The website is designed to educate people on how to heal from disease.  Patricia interviewed many people who have and are healing from disease, including ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  She prepared letters summarizing all the things that people use to heal.  Reading the letters got me thinking.  Some people take lots of supplements; some give up gluten and/or dairy; some pray and visualize; some use energetic clearing tools; some go to healers and people have healed from all of them.

So, I don’t believe that there is only ONE way to HEAL.

Healing comes when you eliminate blocks to healing like stress and limiting believes and increase the energy or voltage in the cells.

Healing Energy

One aspect of healing comes when you increase the healing energy in your body.  Healing energy, chi, Prana, etc… comes in many different ways; it comes from the earth, nature, food and water; it comes by changing your thoughts through prayer, meditation or consciousness raising techniques; it comes from devices like low-level lasers / other frequency raising machines and energy healing techniques like Quantum Touch and Reiki.  We are all different and different techniques will appeal to us and work better for us.  We will be happier using certain techniques and will be more likely to stick with the ones that appeal to us.  As an example, I love Earthing, structured water, breath work, quantum touch, Quantumwave laser and consciousness techniques like Release Technique and Access Consciousness.  I eat pretty healthy, often vegetarian and organic, but I eat meat a couple times a week and I eat gluten and dairy and I don’t take many supplements.

I bought a book once that was all how to eat to heal and I only made it a few pages, I would have to give up too many things and I am really into food.  I did make many lifestyle changes after learning the importance of maintaining a healthy pH after reading Healing is Voltage by Jerry L. Tennant.  Because of what I learned, I made changes in my diet and I use Earthing, VibesUp products and I drink ionized and/or structured water to increase the resources available for my body to heal.  See the article about pH.

Energy Healing: pH, Electrons and Earthing pH


nature waterEnergetic Clearing

Many energy healing technique work based on the idea that once you clear/transmute energetic blocks and sources of stress, your body   heals.  These techniques include Healing Codes, Christie Sheldon’s techniques, Release Technique and Access Consciousness.  I have spent a lot of time using these tools and attribute much of my healing to their use.  Other people may have gotten the same result from religion and prayer.

Causes of Illness: Energy Healing Strategies

I have completely changed my thoughts, feelings and consciousness in the last few years and because of the changes, I have seen significant improvements in my body/health.  Also, I am happier about myself than I have ever been.  See the following articles about Consciousness:

The Power of Your Thoughts and Energy Healing – The Frequency of Thoughts (Part 2)Power vs Force by David Hawkins and The Levels of ConsciousnessEnergy Healing Techniques to Release Stree – Release Technique


Your Body

Another thing that I have learned is that we are not our bodies, we are in our bodies.  Release Technique and Access Consciousness taught me the importance of treating my body with kindness and love and to learn to listen to my body.  For the decades before I noticed any symptoms, I was very critical of my body and truly unkind even though for the outside I looked very fit.  I did not eat nutritious food, was unhappy,   insecure and under a tremendous amount of internal stress.  It took me many years of research, study and application of what I’ve learned to get where I am now.  I am happier, more at peace and treat my body with love and kindness.  I still have rehabilitation to do but I have learned to love myself and my body the way it is.

heart in sand

I will continue to use the tools I’ve discovered even when I have fully recovered to maintain health, love and happiness.  My favorite tools right  now are Quantum Touch, Earthing, structured water, Access Consciousness and Dr. Sue Morter’s Body Awake work.  See my last article for more information on My Latest Healing Strategy.  I am always learning and trying new things; what started out as a way to heal myself turned into my life’s passion.  From what I have heard and read, when people heal/recover from a serious illness they evolve and become more conscious and happier with themselves and life.  I plan to share what I have learned to help people and work as a Healing Coach.  I hope   my writing helps you and your body heal.

Love and Peace,




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  2. Photos are from www.freedigitalphotos.net
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