Energy Healing Techniques to Release Stress – The Release Technique

As I discussed in the Causes of Illness post, stress is a significant cause of illness.  I have used many energy healing therapies and tools to clear stress and trauma, including The Healing Codes, EFT, Theta Healing, META-Medicine and The Release Technique 1.  Knowing what I know now, I would have started with The Release Technique.  The reason I like it so much is it clears stress and trauma and it trains you to change the energy of your thoughts which increases your personal vibrational frequency.  When you are done with a releasing session, you feel lighter and more at peace like you have just meditated for a half hour.  It combines the benefits of three of the four components of a healing strategy, Thoughts, Release and Spirit.

I have been doing the energy healing to clear/release negativite emotions for years and I have noticed improvement both physically and emotionally.  Even though I continue to believe that I will heal completely and strive to maintain a positive attitude, because of the perceived reality of my physical limitations, I sometimes would feel frustrated, sad and lonely.  So, I was clearing old emotions but I was adding new ones of lack and limitation as I was beating myself up and disapproving of myself.  The Release Technique not only helps you release old negative emotions by doing exercises, but it also teaches you how to immediately release emotions as they come up.  It teaches us that approval, love, control, safety and security comes from within.  Depending on how much “stuff” you have it can be a time consuming process.  Apparently, I did not learn how to release negative emotions I just buried them and kept myself so busy I didn’t hear my emotional pain.  At the time of writing this, I have finished four courses and released daily.    Emotionally I am so much lighter and happier than I have ever been in my life, but I still have more to release.  I now have the training and skill to know how to release so I will continue to do it.  It is not a quick fix, but I learned things I had not heard anywhere else.  The courses have workbooks with lots of different exercises depending on the course subject.  There are also telecourses and week long live courses.

It brings in the idea of  The Law of Attraction when we realize that when we “Want” something, it means that we are lacking that thing.  When we send that want/lack message we will attract more lack of that thing and that has a lower vibrational frequency.  The Release Technique focuses on letting go of emotions attached to the lower vibration feelings and want or lack.  We learned that real “Releasing” happens when you are in higher vibration feelings, so it trains you to stay in those high vibration feelings.  The things that make your thoughts more or less powerful are the emotions behind them.  So, removing emotions for lower vibration thoughts and adding emotions to higher vibrations thoughts is a win win.

One of the keystones to the Release Technique, is the six steps.  The first step is “You must want imperturbability more than you want approval, control and security.” 1  Imperturbable is unable to be upset or excited, calm.  This is brilliant because it takes the want or lack away from your goal.  So, you release on all things that upset or excite you thereby changing the emotions, thoughts and vibration.  Lester Levenson, who developed the method, released all his non-loving thoughts and healed himself from terminal illness.  His focus was not on wanting to be healed, but once he released the non-loving feelings, all areas of his life healed.

As I said earlier, the Release Technique works on three of the four components of a healing strategy, thoughts, releasing and spirit.  There are people who believe that increasing your vibrational frequency is one of the most important things in transformation and healing and the Release Technique helps dramatically.  Your thoughts are very important in changing your personal vibration, but it’s only one factor.  I also use other energy healing tools, music and meditations to increasing my frequency and I am starting to believe that raising your frequency is more, or at least, as important as clearing.  When you have a high vibration, I believe negative feelings and emotions dissolve.  See My Favorites tab for other tools to increase your frequency.


  1. The Release Technique  The Abundance Course is the first course to learn the method; they also have a weekly call and free support to help you.

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