Energy Healing: pH, Electrons and Earthing

worldtree4While this topic is about energy and healing it isn’t really Energy Healing.  It is about how to increase your body’s recourses to increase its ability to repair and heal.  I remember hearing for years that maintaining a healthy pH and being out in nature helps keeps your body healthy and heal, but since I didn’t understand why I didn’t pay much attention to these factors.  Now that I do understand why, maintaining a healthy pH and tapping into to nature are so important, they are a huge part of my healing strategy.

In the book Healing is Voltage – The Handbook, Dr. Jerry Tennant realized that cells need a very specific environment to work properly.  Dr. Tennant made this discovery during his own journey to regain his own health.  It is a very interesting book and looks at the environment of a cell by looking at Glucose, Temperature, Blood Pressure, pH and Oxygen.  For now I am going discuss the effect of pH on healing and how to change your body’s pH.  Once you understand why it’s so important, there are many ways we can keep our cells in a healthy pH range.

We have all heard about free radicals and antioxidants but here are the definitions from the book.

“A free radical is a molecule that is missing electrons.  It is like a mugger looking for someone’s purse to steal.  When a free radical steals electrons from a cell, it damages the cell.

An antioxidant is a molecule capable of giving electrons away……….”1

An antioxidant is an electron donor, has a pH of 7.1 -14, is alkaline and constructive.

“Electron stealers cause damage, are pH from 0 to 6.9, are acidic, are free radicals, are the positive pole, are destructive, and at the atomic level spin left.”1


The best things to do to maintain the proper pH is to walk barefoot on the earth, drink water from a moving body of water and eat food grown from earth in its natural state.  The earth, plants and water from a stream contains electrons and when you touch, eat or drink these things they give you the electrons that you are missing.  Once you receive the needed electrons, assuming everything else is in order, the cells in your body can work properly and they are able to heal.

“The earth is a large electromagnet………An area of high voltage always causes electrons to flow to an area of low voltage.  If your body has a lower voltage than the earth, walking barefoot on the dirt or grass will cause electrons to flow from the earth into your body, recharging you.”1

Alternatively, when you eat and drink, low pH, or acidic things or go in a toxic environment, those cells can steal electrons from the cells in your body which damages them.

In our modern life this isn’t always possible to be in nature and eat the right foods, but I will give you things that you can do to give you the needed electrons.

  • VibesUp products – these products are designed from things found in nature to provide you the benefits of being in nature.  I have been using these products for years and I love them.
  • Ewater products – These purifiers and additives make water to be more alkaline and alive. I have used many of their products and supplements for many years and they are great.
  • Orgone Generator Pyramid – I just discovered the Healthy World Store and they have great products and supplements.  I have had the small pyramid and I love it, I carry it around everywhere.  It does many things, one of them is donate electrons.
  • Earthing Summit – I just listened to this teleseminar that was very informative.  The Earthing products connects you to the earth so when you can’t get outside they provide the benefits of being on the earth even when you are working or at night.
  • Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? Book by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra and Martin Zucker.  You can buy at the website above or Amazon.

treeearthI have noticed a significant improvement in my body since I started using the Earthing and grounding products, especially with the Earthing mat and sheets.  I do know that actually walking on the earth and eating natural foods, especially raw fruits and vegetables, is the best way to keep your cells in the proper pH, but that is not always possible or practical.  As always, this is just one aspect of my energy healing strategy.

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