My Name is Dawn and I was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in 2002.  After years of research and training, I developed my own healing strategy and I am healing.  ALS is believed by most to be incurable and most likely terminal.  I never accepted death as my fate; I knew somehow I would find a way to heal.  I stopped the progression of the disease, I am building muscle and increasing flexibility.  While I am still rehabilitating my body after a decade of atrophy, I am walking, moving and talking better than I have in years.

I went to many alternative healing practitioners, energy healing practitioners, read books, listened to audio programs and took practitioner training, but I still wasn't getting significant results.   After all those years of research and training, I learned how to develop a strategy of techniques and therapies that is helping my body heal.  I use other energy healing therapies and natural healing therapies.

Everything in my energy healing strategy has the goal of eliminating stress, increasing the vibrational frequency in my body and increasing vitality (the energy or voltage in the cells).  See my post on (How to Heal from Illness); I use many things like including, but not limited to The Wonder Method, Release Technique, Spontaneous Transformation,  Quantum Touch and meditation.   I also avoid toxins in my food and environment by using earthing tools and drinking Structured water.

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All the best.


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